Art HOPE The Way To Creative Wellness is a practical guide for healthful, artful living that explores the healing opportunities of art-making, art-taking, and art-giving.

How are you creative? The everyday things you love to do can create health and well-being.

In this uplifting narrative, Art HOPE nonprofit founder and visual artist, Laura Jaquays, describes creative wellness with applications for health, inspiring stories, guided exercises, and hugs of advice, helping you to:
     * Enjoy the wellness benefits of everyday creativity.
     * Recognize and practice creativity for self-expression and self-care.
     * Discover the Creative Wellness Model and how it relates to your personal life and interests, workplace, education, healthcare, and to communities, corporations, and leadership, locally and globally.

Like a pebble tossed into still water, Art HOPE is a positive philosophy that will move you to create wellness and be the artist-in-residence in your life.

A percentage of the author's proceeds are donated to the nonprofit organization Art HOPE.



Groundbreaking new work about healthful, artful living.

Groundbreaking new work about healthful, artful living.